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              Support and BeamSupport and Beam
              Roller and Cooling TubeRoller and Cooling Tube
              Wear Resistant Pipe LinerWear Resistant Pipe Liner
              Desulfurization nozzleDesulfurization nozzle
              Reflector SubstrateReflector Substrate
              Paddle and Furnance TubePaddle and Furnance Tube
              Radiant Tube and RecuperatorRadiant Tube and Recuperator
              Weifang Zhida Special Ceramics Co., Ltd.

              Established in 2003, is one of high-tech private enterprise, specialized in manufacturing SISIC  product  (reaction bonded silicon carbide or RBSIC)

              The production technology introduced from Germany,our company possesses advanced high temperature vacuum furnace and various precise CNC equipment and different inspection instrument to ensure raw material and product quality, gets approval the verification of ISO9001: 2015.    

              With the performance of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation resistance, high bending strength, good thermal conduction and extremely hardness, SISIC is widely applied in all kind of industrial furnace as kiln furniture, and industry of ceramics, desulfurization engineering, mechanical , metallurgy, electronic……

              Strong company strength

              As a scientific and technological enterprise, the company has perfect experimental and testing equipment, can provide customers with a full range of design and use scheme, has a number of technical patents, the current production capacity of 800 tons.